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Walking slowly in Taichung, you may feel the gentleness of this historical city, see the bustling scenes, experience cultural richness, and appreciate the artistic designs located everywhere in the city. Taichung is also a food city with delicious local street food and private home cuisines that people can’t resist eating. With the right warmth and convenience, Taichung residents’ free-living style makes the feature of the city a mixture of bold, reserved, lively, and mild.

The space of Slow Town Hotel is designed with cold colors and warm lighting that are calm and mind-soothing. While the hotel is in the middle of the city, it is still a great place for getaways from all the stress and restraints, especially in an idle afternoon. At Slow Town Hotel, the only thing you have to think about is enjoying the warmth of sunshine, slowing your pace, exploring Taichung, and fulfilling your curiosity and adventurous heart.